Internet of Things

Nowadays more data is generated by machines than by humans.

IoT (Internet of Things) is where we shine especially brightly. Nowadays more data is generated by machines than by humans, and the fundamental question for enterprises is not whether their business can benefit from IoT but what IoT capabilities can be best used to their advantage. Dynamiqa Solutions is one of the most reliable IoT development service providers specializing in IoT hardware and software development. From creating the solution’s architecture to sensors to building cloud infrastructure, our team of experienced engineers can help you every step of the way to your own IoT ecosystem.

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Our iot development expertise

IoT Harware Development

We can help you build a vast IoT ecosystem that relies on a wide array of sensors. Sensors are connected by different protocols and enabled by gateways, routers, and mobile devices — all in a dedicated cloud environment

IoT Software Development

Regardless of scale, an IoT network won’t work efficiently without the software that allows your organization to view and analyse the data collected from sensors and other IoT devices. This software can take shape of a single-screen web dashboard, mobile app, or custom solution that fits your needs

We will analyze your project requirements to help you choose the right technology stack and build the proper architecture of your IoT product. We also help you find the IoT certification agency to pass all the required compliance tests and make the system ready for production. Also, if needed, we can examine your existing IoT system and come up with suggestions how to make it even more efficient

Our iot development services

Database structure design

Development of drivers for multi-threaded data acquisition from connected devices

Data backup and encryption systems design

Development of an administration system for devices and users with differentiated access rights

Elaboration of an individual design of the system, including development of the product brand

Development of notification systems, including prompt notifications in case of system errors

Possibility of placement of the IoT platform on our server and providing 1st and/or 2nd level technical support

Development of all necessary instructions and technical documentation

Development of test cases and comprehensive testing of the product in the natural environment

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Concept development

Concept development









Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

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Our full-time employees dedicated to a singl client at a time


We follow a process which ensures a predictable pace of delivery and high level of quality


We develop designs that are built on understanding of our clients’ business and their customers


We ship early to get immediate feedback from users


There is nothing more important for us than providing unmatched levels of visibility, communication, and trust


Iterative process enables us to quickly adapt to new inputs


Our clients leverage the experience of our entire team. Our leadership is directly involved on every project with the goal to exceed our clients’ expectations

Some of our completed iot solutions


Hardware-software complex designed to monitor weather conditions and risk assessment of the occurrence of plant diseases. METEOTREK is a modern IoT solution, which consists of the Main block, number of sensors and proprietary software that allows to remotely control fields from a smartphone or PC, get full information about the soil and air conditions, hence work the fields most efficiently depending on the weather forecast, process in-time field operations and use irrigation systems only when needed.


I-Bee is an integrated hardware-software ecosystem engineered to optimize beekeeping practices and enhance hive health. Utilizing cutting-edge IoT technology, the system comprises a Central Hub, an array of specialized sensors, and a user-friendly mobile app. Beekeepers can effortlessly monitor their apiaries via smartphone, gaining real-time insights into hive temperature, humidity, and activity levels. The system enables precise decision-making, from optimizing honey production to early detection of potential hive issues.


Fleetix is a versatile IoT solution tailored for comprehensive fleet management across diverse industries—from logistics and agriculture to construction and healthcare. The system offers a unified platform featuring real-time location tracking, in-depth fuel and speed analytics, and synchronized video monitoring. Whether you're a freight carrier or a pharmaceutical distributor, Fleetix equips you with actionable insights through interactive reports and historical data mapping. Enhance operational efficiency with features like eco-driving, customizable alarm settings, and geofencing capabilities. With Fleetix, gain unparalleled control over your fleet, optimize resource allocation, and drive your business forward through data-driven decision-making.

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