Electronic product development

Dynamiqa Solutions is an independent electronic design powerhouse. We design embedded
hardware and develop software, create mechanical and industrial design for a new enclosure.

Our key areas of expertise are automotive and agriculture, but we also have finished products in other areas of business. Our comprehensive services and excellent technical skills are complemented by a rigorous development process, well planned and structured project management with clear, achievable milestones, and flexible, open, highly responsive customer service. We have the experience, creativity and the skilled multidisciplinary team to take your idea from a concept to a product.

Our electronic product development services

Turnkey Product

End-to-end solutions, taking your product from concept to customers


Determining of appearance and feel of your product and how it will be manufactured

Hardware and
PCB Design

Design of advanced embedded hardware, FPGAs, PCBs and prototypes

Software Development

Embedded software development for custom applications on multiple platforms

System Integration

Design and building of an engineered solution for your product


We compliment your team by providing the expertise when and where you need it

Our electronic product delivery pipeline

Technical Requirements

Technical Requirements

Concept Development

Concept Development









Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

How we do it


We pay close attention to every detail of hardware products, making sure all system components are seamlessly interconnected and the system architecture is coherently optimized.

Development from

Every project starts with an R&D to confirm our initial project estimations

Transparent and
Supervised Processes

We make sure the implementation process is transparent so you have a complete view of the development team’s progress

Expert Engineers

We are a strong team with years of hands-on experience in hardware design, ensuring only highly skilled engineers will work on your projects

Smooth Integration

We select and apply only relevant technologies which are compatible with the client’s current technology stack

Some of our completed iot solutions


Hardware-software complex designed to monitor weather conditions and risk assessment of the occurrence of plant diseases. METEOTREK is a modern IoT solution, which consists of the Main block, number of sensors and proprietary software that allows to remotely control fields from a smartphone or PC, get full information about the soil and air conditions, hence work the fields most efficiently depending on the weather forecast, process in-time field operations and use irrigation systems only when needed.


I-Bee is an integrated hardware-software ecosystem engineered to optimize beekeeping practices and enhance hive health. Utilizing cutting-edge IoT technology, the system comprises a Central Hub, an array of specialized sensors, and a user-friendly mobile app. Beekeepers can effortlessly monitor their apiaries via smartphone, gaining real-time insights into hive temperature, humidity, and activity levels. The system enables precise decision-making, from optimizing honey production to early detection of potential hive issues.


Fleetix is a versatile IoT solution tailored for comprehensive fleet management across diverse industries—from logistics and agriculture to construction and healthcare. The system offers a unified platform featuring real-time location tracking, in-depth fuel and speed analytics, and synchronized video monitoring. Whether you're a freight carrier or a pharmaceutical distributor, Fleetix equips you with actionable insights through interactive reports and historical data mapping. Enhance operational efficiency with features like eco-driving, customizable alarm settings, and geofencing capabilities. With Fleetix, gain unparalleled control over your fleet, optimize resource allocation, and drive your business forward through data-driven decision-making.

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